Year 11 Mock GCSE Exam Timetable and Support Information

Year 11 Mock GCSE Examination Timetable

The year 11 mock examinations begin on 8th January.  All students have been issued with a copy of the timetable shown here

Walking Talking Mocks

The walking talking mocks are designed to teach students about exams and it's a chance to practise answering past papers with their subject teacher.

They are being run from 27th November for 2 weeks with their lessons.

Walking Talking Mocks Timetable

Park School Academic Skills Guide

We have put together a booklet which provides useful exam revision tips for example:-

  • Exam revision techniques
  • Writing Summaries
  • Reading Better and faster
  • Improving Memory
  • Time Management
  • Creating your Study/Revision Planner
  • Exam Pitfalls and Language

This booklet (see link attached below) has been emailed to all Year 11 and Year 10 students.  


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