Introducing Art Trek – Park School Alumni Art Exhibition

Calling all Art or Graphic Park Alumni !
Mrs Phillips would like to invite any ex-Art or Graphics students from the Park Community to take part in a fund raising Art Exhibition at St Anne’s Art Centre in Barnstaple. If you have pursued a career in the creative industries and would be interested in selling a piece of art work in our exhibition, we would be delighted to hear from you.
You may have noticed I mentioned the words fundraising!! We are trying to raise funds for our department and we hope to take a commission of 30% from the sale of each piece of work. Of course we would happily take a larger commission should you wish to show your appreciation for all of those biscuits consumed during our after school twilight sessions!!
The exhibition is planned from Friday 22nd – 28th September. We plan to have a private view of the work on 22nd. Should you wish to submit a piece of work, then please download the application form and email to
Ryan Isaac, currently studying at Slade School of Fine Art in London will be one of our exhibitors. See images of some of his current work.
See below viewing times for the event and a location map
Friday 22nd September - Private View Evening
5.00pm – 8pm.
Saturday 23rd September 11am- 4pm
Sunday 24th September 11am- 4pm
Monday 25th September 4pm-7.30pm
Tuesday 26th September 4pm-7.30pm
Weds 27th September 4pm-7.30pm
Thursday 28th September 4pm-7.30pm


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