Gardening Club

1_7.jpgSquelching, Mulching and Marshmallow Munching at Rosemoor

Rain didn’t stop play when two of the ‘Can You Dig It?’ gardening groups went on a trip to RHS Rosemoor in June. The year 7 and 8 students spent half a day exploring the gardens and experiencing what it is like to be a gardener at Rosemoor and half the day enjoying Forest School den building and fire lighting activities. 

As a ‘Day in the Life of a Gardener’ the students helped to spread mulch over an area of land where some trees had been cut down. The students loaded, wheeled and spread barrows of mulch over ground down stumps of trees to enrich the soil, help preserve moisture in the hot weather and improve drainage in wet weather. The students also had a guided tour of the garden including the vegetable garden and nursery where members of the public are restricted from accessing. 
2_5.jpg The students learnt about composting and were inspired by the amazing array of fruit and vegetables growing including peaches, figs and a Union Flag made out of different varieties of lettuces. During the Forest School Activities students were introduced to the main survival techniques for outdoor living. The groups made shelters from logs, sticks and foliage and learnt how to start a camp fire in the pouring rain! Everyone enjoyed toasting marshmallows on whittled sticks and ended the session by leaving no trace of having been there.