Funding Challenges For Devon Schools - We Need Your Help!

You may have recently read or heard about issues over the future finances of schools and I wish to share with you some of my serious concerns around the funding pressures facing The Park Community School as well as all other schools in Devon. Please take the time to read my full letter (Click this link) for full details.

Children in Devon schools get funding that is significantly below the national average. In 2016-17 this resulted in a shortfall of £290 per pupil. This difference in funding means that we at Park received a budget which is approximately £377,000 less than the average across the UK for 2016/17. This funding shortfall has been, and will continue to be, detrimental to the quality and range of the educational provision for children at all Devon schools.

You may have seen articles in the local press and I am aware other local schools have written a similar letter to their parents and communities. As a school community, we are seeking your support in raising awareness of this urgent situation. We would welcome all the letter writing, awareness raising and campaigning you could muster. Click the link to my letter above for further details.

We thank you as always for supporting your school.

Mr G Roscoe, Headteacher