The Curriculum at The Park Community School

Education is our investment in the future. Our world demands ever higher qualifications and an extended range of skills, abilities and insights. By providing challenge, and a sensible balance of competition and co-operation, we seek to develop each individual’s character and confidence. Our central aim is to secure achievement:

Achievement = Ability + Motivation and + Self Confidence Determination and Self Belief
If each boy and girl is to achieve personal best, the key is motivation - motivating each to gain all that a good education has to offer. Praise and rewards, encouraging involvement in school life, and a rich range of extra-curricular activities, combine with an effective variety of teaching approaches, and careful assessment, to extend ambition, raise confidence and celebrate success.

Each child is different. Our curriculum aims to provide the very best opportunities for each of them to learn and achieve. We seek that success, whatever individual aptitudes, interests and expectations, designing the curriculum to be more than simply a list of different subjects: it integrates three key elements:

  1. A good grounding in the basic knowledge and skills needed to take full advantage of the
    whole curriculum: Literacy, Numeracy, Information & Communication Technology (ICT).
  2. Encourage and develop essential personal qualities and skills: flexible and adaptable, self-
    reliant but able to co­operate with others, able to apply their learning. Understanding how
    Citizenship contributes to addressing successfully the opportunities, responsibilities and
    experiences of life. Promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  3. Open eyes to: Creativity, Achievement, New Interests, Expectations and the Challenges
    they will face in the future.

We must encourage each of them to value education and appreciate how it continues throughout life. Each will require clear guidance and support to identify the most appropriate routes forward, building upon what has already been achieved.
Our Curriculum is:

  1. Broad and balanced.
  2. Matched to the needs of individuals.
  3. Built upon a wide variety of teaching approaches.
  4. Designed to ensure continuity within and across Key Stages from Primary School to post
    16 Further Education.
  5. Aimed at securing progress and realising maximum individual potential.
  6. Clearly focused upon learning within a school community.
  7. Extended to promote partnership between the school and its community.
  8. Dedicated to working for quality.

​Curriculum Diagrams 2016-2017

The diagrams below, show the amount of time allocated to curriculum subjects in this academic year.