Virtual Learning Environment

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What is the VLE?

  • It allows 24/7 learning to take place.
  • Provides Instant feedback on your submitted work.
  • Subjects homework available online to download and submit.
  • Allows different learning and teaching styles
  • It reinforces learning in the classroom.
  • Never miss a lesson again.
  • Collaboration and communication.
  • Preparing students for the world of work.
  • Differentiated learning activities.
  • Allows for extended learning for topics that inspire you.
  • Online Lessons, online resources. Developed and created by School for school.
  • A wealth of information written by your teachers for you to access anytime, anywhere.
  • Discuss your homework and get help from your friends.

During your first lesson in Computing you will receive your school log on details this will not only allow you to have access to the school computers but also a school email account and more importantly access to Park School's online learning environment.

Our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) contains content for all your lessons, it has discussion forums, quizzes activities, assignments and all the learning material that you will need to be successful at Park. Even if you are absent you can access the VLE from home and complete the lessons activities.  The VLE will help to prepare you for the world of tomorrow, it will allow you to work and learn in the digital age.