School Leavers' Presentation Evening 2012

The School Hall was full to capacity on November 8th when Guest of Honour Nick Harvey M.P. presented awards and certificates to the 2012 Year 11 school leavers. Parents, grandparents and other family members joined in the celebrations in a year when the school has broken all records in its GCSE results. Although nationally this year the grades fell, at Park the 5+ (A*-C) including English and Maths increased by 8% to 55% and the 5+ (A*-C) by 5% to 68%. Headteacher David Atton congratulated students and thanked them for their contribution to the school over the last five years. Mr Harvey added his congratulations and encouraged them to go out and make a difference, returning to North Devon whenever they were able to visit the school and enjoy life with their families in a wonderful part of the country. He was thanked by Mike Canham, Chair of Governors, who also congratulated the students and gave his good wishes for their successful and happy lives in the future.

Our photo shows the Special Award winners accompanied by Nick Harvey M.P. as Guest Speaker and Headteacher David Atton (left to right):
Hannah Swales, awarded Hughes Prize for Head Girl, Ryan Adamson – David Pengelly Prize for Music and Languages Award for German, Sabrina Shah – Chemistry Prize, George Williams – English Attainment Award, Deputy Head Boy Prize, Gerald Thorne Award for Geography, Physics Prize, Best All-Rounder in Boys’ Physical Education, Rebecca Goulding – Best All-Rounder in Girls’ Physical Education, Jenna Brown – Payne Shield for Services to the Community and Deputy Head Girl Prize, David Atton – Headteacher, Danika Dunn – Governors’ Award for Work Experience, Crystal McManus – Lee-McEldon Citizenship Award, Nick Harvey M.P. – Guest Speaker, Emma Windsor – Morgan Prize for Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, Andrew Foster – English Achievement Award, Alfred Jones – John William Prize for Contribution to School Life and the Jonathan Baxter Memorial Shield for Business & Enterprise (shared), Bradley Bell - Jonathan Baxter Memorial Shield for Business & Enterprise (shared).

Other Special Award Winners (not pictured) were:-
Connor Burden – Children & Young People’s Award: The Spirit of Devon, Miles Kingsley – Reverend Benson Prize for Religious Education, Araminta Pain – Sociology Award, Hope Hughes – Newsham Award for Best GCSE Certificate and Grant Prize for History, Samuel Cooper – Biology Prize and Evans& Co Accountants Maths Award for Best Overall Achievement, Hope Boyle – Art Achievement Award, Madeline Norton – Language Award for Spanish, Emma Fitzgerald – Child Development Award, Paulo Symons – Evans & Co Accountants Maths Award for Best Overall Progress, Gareth Sloman – Critchley Prize for Head Boy.